May. 08, 2024

Shaping our future: A message from our President & CEO on our strategic vision for FY25-27

I’m writing to share an update on Repair the World’s next chapter and an abbreviated version of our FY25-27 Adaptive Strategic Plan with you.

The plan exemplifies critical thinking at an important inflection point for our organization, and it charts a path for continued growth in our acts of service and learning.

The plan affirms that Repair the World is proudly first and foremost, a Jewish engagement organization. We are doubling down on our commitment to Jewish education and are committed to Jewish impact on our volunteers and the larger Jewish community alongside social impact to meet pressing needs in our communities. We aspire for every act of service with Repair to be a significant Jewish experience.

We are leaning into our role as a movement builder and emphasizing our field activation work. Through an extensive analysis, we learned that our field activation can get us to scale in a way that is still highly engaging for volunteers. This means that we can expand the role that field activation plays across the organization. We are proud of our partnerships with Hillel International, Honeymoon Israel, JCC Association, JDC Entwine, JFNA, Moishe House, OLAM, BBYO, and AEPi. Of course, the communities work will continue to play a critical role in our overall strategy – we will innovate and glean best practices from on-the-ground communities work, and infuse that learning into our field activation strategy that will bring us to scale, and all of this programming will have high-quality Jewish education. 

We pushed ourselves to step back, ask hard questions, and assess the impact of our footprint to date – all in an effort to magnify our impact moving forward in service of our mission. As a result, we’ll be expanding some key programs, and pulling back on others.

The reality is, that these kinds of strategic shifts include some significant operational and staffing changes as well – including eliminating some positions and adding a few new ones. This sort of change will be hard, but we know it’s the right strategic decision for the long-term impact and sustainability of Repair. In fact, we expect to see considerable growth in terms of our reach – with a 28% increase in our Acts of Service and Learning just in FY25, and a clear path of growth from there. 

In our new adaptive strategic plan, Repair projects to engage over 100k young Jews and their communities annually by FY27 in over 180k acts of service and learning in a more cost-effective way, well on our way to our ambitious goal of one million acts of service and learning by 2030 and ensuring each act is a significant Jewish experience.

We’re proud to be building the Jewish service movement – together. 

With gratitude,

Cindy Greenberg (she/her)
President & CEO, Repair the World