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Apr. 06, 2022

Sharing Repair the World’s adaptive strategic plan


This article originally appeared in eJewishPhilanthropy on April 6th 2022

The pandemic shed light on the interconnectivity between our health, safety and the ability for our communities to thrive. Meanwhile, young Jews are reinterpreting what it means to be Jewish in America with more wanting to connect with organizations that align with their values. Three out of four say leading an ethical life and 59% say working for justice and equality are essential to being Jewish.

In summer 2021, Repair the World received $7 million from MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett to expand our efforts to mobilize Jews and their communities. This gift highlighted the increasingly powerful role that service will play in building bridging across lines of difference, meeting needs exacerbated by COVID, fostering empathy for one another, and furthering social change in the years to come. These funds will allow us to build vibrant Jewish life to an unprecedented scale, engaging tens of thousands of young adults in service and Jewish learning annually.

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